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Dear visitors of our website. International Police Center (IPC) has celebrated its 12 years anniversary this year.It’s been enough time to assert oneself on the market for rendering information, detective, security and monitoring services. We have conducted a number of international events. I am as the Head of IPC very grateful to all of you for your joint activities. I really hope we shall keep this right on.
Head of IPC, Founder and Ex-President International Police Association (Russian Federation) A.Vovk
Sincerely yours,
Head of IPC,


ATTENTION. The International Police Center (Vienna, Austria) is the only organization with the IPC name. All other organizations under the IPC name are not valid. After the lockdown on Covid-19 is completed, our organization will re-register its members. THE CENTER'S BUREAU.

ACHTUNG. Das Internationale Polizeizentrum (Wien, Österreich) ist die einzige Organisation mit dem Namen IPC. Alle anderen Organisationen namens IPC sind nicht gültig. Nach Abschluss des Lockdowns auf Covid -19 wird eine Neuregistrierung der Mitglieder in unserer Organisation durchgeführt. BÜRO DES ZENTRUMS.

ВНИМАНИЕ. Международный Полицейский Центр ( Вена, Австрия ) является единственной организацией с названием IPC. Все другие организации под названием IPC являются не действительными. После завершения локдауна по Ковид-19, в нашей организации будет проведена перерегистрация членов организации. БЮРО ЦЕНТРА.

DİKKAT Uluslararası polis Merkezi ( Viyana, Avusturya ) IPC adında tek kuruluştur. IPC adlı diğer tüm kuruluşlar geçerli değildir. Covid -19 lockdown tamamlandıktan sonra, organizasyon üyeleri yeniden kayıt olacak. MERKEZ BÜROSU.


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INTERNATIONAL POLICE CENTER – is the participant of the UN program "World without Corruption"

Internaational Plice Center


«World without Corruption»
Programme promoting participation in advancing the United Nations Convention
against Corruption in 2011 -2020 (for civil society and private sector)

We call upon:

  • AH people of good will regardless of their citizenship, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, social status and political views;
  • All national and international non-commercial organizations, professional unions, labor organizations, religious organizations and other civic associations worldwide;
  • All private sector organizations regardless of scale and type of their activity and national identity

To support this program to promote participation in advancing the United Nations Convention against Corruption 2011-2020 (for civil society and private sector) «World without Corruption», join it and take part in its practical implementation on the basis of mutual interests to counter global corruption threat, in support of the commitment to universal moral values and towards achieving sustainable and secure development of humanity.

Programme to promote participation in advancing The United Nations Convention against Corruption in 2011-2020 (for civil society and private sector) «World without Corruption» is a result of a joint effort of experts from many countries, Anatoly Golubev (Russia) supervised the process of the program development with active support from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (India). The program has been developed at the Interregional NGO «Committee for Fighting Corruption»* (Russia).

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