Consultations and Assessment


The Center provides consultations on legal protection of business both to Entities and Individuals. In addition, it provides expert assessment of security of entrepreneurial activities. This process is very important and necessary for a sustainable and effective development of business.

While conducting consultations and expert assessment we stick, first and foremost, to rules of impartiality and reliability of our recommendations. We also want to emphasize that our company respects confidentiality of the information that our client provides to us.

Expert assessment and consultations are intended to accelerate the process of right management decision-making.

Conclusions on experts’ assessments are always presented as accurate facts and documentary materials to all parties interested in expert assessment.

Expert assessment serves as trusted side of the customer, it must be justified and unbiased.

Consultation also implies certain responsibility to the client.

Consultation and expert assessment are ideal models for business cooperation in all areas of business security.

Every new link of an expert assessment is a unique task that requires an individual approach.