Mission of IPC

International Police Center is a coordinating organ dealing with the issues of business security. We provide consulting, legal, security and other special services. Years of experience of IPC staff in financial monitoring helps to predict with high accuracy critical situations in business development and prevent or minimize potential threats effectively.

Our experts will help you resolve economic conflicts and protect you from a hostile take-over of your company.

Cooperation with us will help you analyze the strengsths and weaknesses of your competitors and business partners, prevent recruitment of unreliable personnel and identify sophisticated fraud schemes.
International Police Center via its branches possesses all necessary facilities and data to provide informational support to business structures.

International Police Center is one of the few companies offering a full range of services in the sphere of property protection. Our experts are highly experienced in securing business in Russia and in Eastern European countries.

The main objective of our cooperation with customers is to develop a system of business security, which will sustain a high level of competitiveness and profitability and allow your company to achieve its long-term goals.

Strict compliance with the law and ethics are the main qualities that mark off our IPC Alliance members. Our clients can be certain that their problems will be resolved by professionals. We are united with the mission of making sure that our clients' business is safe and successful.

Our officers have experience and high professional skills of project administration in various business spheres.

International Police Center has developed and put into practice its emergency assistance program for individuals, which is implemented in more than 40 Russian cities.

International Police Center has been created to help protect businesses and companies in over 50 countries worldwide.