Business with Pleasure


In late March 2013, a delegation of the Association of Police Trade Unions of Russia headed by Aleksey Lobarev Deputy Director General of International Police Center and member of the Central Council of Trade Unions of Russia has visited the Austrian capital Vienna and met with foreign colleagues.
In a warm and friendly atmosphere Moscow and Vienna colleagues shared with their professional experience the ability to deal with the existing social problems and discussed the prospects for further development of the International police movement. A tour to the police station located in the heart of Vienna was organized. There were only 3 officers on duty at the Police Department. The members of the delegation were pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t a single detainee taken to the police station during a rush hour in the busiest place of the Austrian capital which can be compared to the Old Arbat in Moscow.
Aleksey Lobarev was lucky to be present during carrying out of a special operation on detention of members of a foreign organized crime group (OCG) and taking them to the police station. During the detention of the suspects he was able to make a video of the events which is now currently used as an interesting and informative training manual for the Moscow police officers.
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